Monday, April 19, 2010

Negosyo Seminar in Cebu City on April 15, 2010

Here's a copy of the speech used during the negosyo seminar. This seems appropriate to describe the purpose of the seminar:

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

Before I begin I would like to congratulate the Philippine Center for Enterprises and members of the Go Negosyo for holding this seminar together with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life, not only in the province of Cebu but also in the rest of Central Visayas. It’s a powerful force deep down inside, driving people to achieve their dreams, despite dubious odds and the doubts of others.

I’m sure many of you here today have the desire, the drive and the dreams to become entrepreneurs. Dreams give us the strength that carries us through. Indeed, I’ve often thought that perhaps it is not we who carry the dream, but the dream that carries us.

I can’t stress strongly enough how determined you must be, for the road to success is neither short nor easy.

So Why Become an Entrepreneur?

For the true entrepreneur, this is a rhetorical question. For the emerging entrepreneur, there are at least three major motivations:

The FIRST motivation is a yearning to create something novel and useful. The entrepreneur strives to fill a need in the marketplace and then develop a solution.

The SECOND motivation of the entrepreneur is to build something that will last. The entrepreneur must always keep ahead of the competition to sustain the enterprise as a profitable concern. Risk-taking is absolutely crucial because it yields the innovation that sustains your competitive edge, in a world where competitors constantly catch up to and overtake stagnant firms.

The THIRD motivation of the entrepreneur is to have freedom. Being your own boss has definite appeal. Glass ceilings cease to exist and achievement is limited only by imagination. Entrepreneurs are motivated by having control over their work and the flexibility to pursue their dreams. But freedom always has a price. With greater personal freedom, comes greater uncertainty about the future, particularly in relation to finances. Greater personal freedom also means a less structured environment, in which greater self-discipline is required in order to thrive. Entrepreneurs are willing to accept these risks, however, because of their absolute conviction that they have what it takes to overcome any odds.

As you delve deeply into the world of business, you will soon discover that opportunities don't find you. You find your opportunities.

We in government do encourage people to seek business opportunities. Why is that?
Why is there a need for more entrepreneurs in this country ?

The Philippines needs to lower the number of unemployed. Entrepreneurship capital means total human capital which creates business and do business. The Philippines needs business capital to boost its economy, create job opportunities, increase country income, reduce government burden, decrease currency outflow, and enhance image of the country.

Why is the US more prosperous than the Philippines? Is it because we Filipinos are less smart than Americans? No, Filipinos are universally acknowledged for their intelligence. Is it because they have greater resources? No, the Philippines is as much if not more rich in natural resources. Then, why is the US more prosperous than the Philippines? The US is more prosperous simply because they have more entrepreneurs.

If the Philippines needs to exterminate poverty, we have to grow economically. To grow, we have to employ the unemployed. The only viable solution is to produce more entrepreneurs in this country.

Call it trite - but, believe me, success CAN BE ACHIEVED by entrepreneurs through hard work, integrity, responsiveness to change and most of all the openness to accept new ideas. That is why we have this seminar so you may know what you need to know to survive the world of business.

Choose to be an entrepreneur so YOU create value. Choose to be an entrepreneur because the products, services, and jobs you create can become the lifeblood of our nation. But most of all, choose to be an entrepreneur because you desire a life of adventure, challenge, and the opportunity to be your BEST SELF.

Thank you and welcome to the Negosyo Seminar.