Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Regional Management Review July 2010

We recently had our mid-year regional management review on July 12, 2010 at the DTI 7 conference room. This was presided by our RD and attended by all DTI 7 associates.

Come to the Sandugo Trade Expo on July 21-25

Products by more than 80 exhibitors in Central Visayas shall take center stage at the Sandugo Trade Expo 2010 on July 21-25 at the Island City Mall in Tagbilaran City.

Every July for 21 years, this trade event features food, fashion accessories, gifts, toys and housewares, and tourism products and services.

A unique offering this year is the first output of the Materials Research and Development Project (Materials R & D) of the Department of Trade and Industry Central Visayas Office (DTI 7) and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines in Cebu (ECCP-Cebu).

Spotlight will be shown on locally made crafts using mixed media and new design patterns, results from experiments made by weavers with recycled materials, buri, abaca, old plastic twine mixed together with raffia and other indigenous materials.

DTI expects national and international buyers to be present during the fair, including exporters, buying agents, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and subcontractors.

Emerging tourist destinations in the region such as the Ecological Adventure in the town of Danao and the Abatan River Community Life Tour which traverses five towns in Bohol - are likewise offering packaged tours that are readily made available at the booths.

Several booths shall display the wealth of local culture, heritage, natural wonders that are available for tourists and visitors who wish to explore the rising destinations.

The Sandugo Trade Expo is a culmination of a series of product development initiatives geared towards improving the quality and design of the export oriented crafts and ethnic food in the region.

A raw materials gallery is set up separately for buyers and product designers to use for on-the-spot crafting.

As in the past, there will be guest exhibitors from other regions during the Sandugo trade fair.

Bohol’s annual Sandugo trade expo is one of the longest running annual provincial trade fair in the country and it has already established name recall and recognition among local and international buyers,

Friday, June 11, 2010

2nd Management Review, June 9-10, 2010

We had our second management review at Pier Cuatro Hotel last June 9-10.

The meeting largely concentrated on the QMS and corrective actions of staff for non-compliance.

Activity is in preparation for the ISO third party audit which will be in July 2010.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


ECCP and DTI recently signed a MOA pertaining to the Bohol Raffia Industry Product Development and Value Chain Upgrading Program.

The project focuses on the value chain of the Bohol Raffia industry through a strategic product development program that links the production capacities of local weavers/ producers with that of the target market. Calibrated product development interventions shall be done for players in both links (production for raw material and buyers / exporters for product conversion).

The project will be done in partnership with the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines- Cebu office, DTI 7 and the Province of Bohol, three participating exporters (Jim Castler, Ferimar, Bohol Beads and Fibers) and with the Inabanga Loomweavers Association and the Tubigon Loomweavers Multipurpose Cooperative.

Over the last several years the Cebu ECCP has initiated and managed a number of product development activities with cebu exporters especially in the area of raw material development and manipulation. The partnership is expected to enhance the product development capabilities of raffia weavers, as well as promote better understanding between subcontractors
and buyers.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

DTI Info Officers and Designates Training Program

Would media want more interesting information coming from government?

I'm sure most print reporters would rather have something other than the usual boring technical data given by the IOs in the agency.

That's the reason why the DTI decided to hold a training program for Info officers and designates last May 3 and 4. This is also in preparation for the second edition of the OTOPreneur magazine which will have a wider circulation.

Info officers were grouped in clusters with a maximum of 20 participants per training. Training in Cebu were participated by those coming from DTI regions 6, 7 and 9.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Let us pause from work to greet our April birthday celebrant Nanet, eat chocolate cake given in her honor and listen to soothing music (like they say, when you are above forty years old, anything above a whisper is noise).

PINAS Briefing & Regional Management Review

In an effort to improve our service processes, we had a series of workshops and meetings from April 27-29, 2010.

Hopefully, this will contribute to improving our quality management system in preparation for the agency's ISO certification.

The photos show how tedious and mentally draining the process of correcting non - conformances in the service processes.

Third party audit is tentatively scheduled in June 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Negosyo Seminar in Cebu City on April 15, 2010

Here's a copy of the speech used during the negosyo seminar. This seems appropriate to describe the purpose of the seminar:

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning.

Before I begin I would like to congratulate the Philippine Center for Enterprises and members of the Go Negosyo for holding this seminar together with the Department of Trade and Industry.

Entrepreneurship is a way of life, not only in the province of Cebu but also in the rest of Central Visayas. It’s a powerful force deep down inside, driving people to achieve their dreams, despite dubious odds and the doubts of others.

I’m sure many of you here today have the desire, the drive and the dreams to become entrepreneurs. Dreams give us the strength that carries us through. Indeed, I’ve often thought that perhaps it is not we who carry the dream, but the dream that carries us.

I can’t stress strongly enough how determined you must be, for the road to success is neither short nor easy.

So Why Become an Entrepreneur?

For the true entrepreneur, this is a rhetorical question. For the emerging entrepreneur, there are at least three major motivations:

The FIRST motivation is a yearning to create something novel and useful. The entrepreneur strives to fill a need in the marketplace and then develop a solution.

The SECOND motivation of the entrepreneur is to build something that will last. The entrepreneur must always keep ahead of the competition to sustain the enterprise as a profitable concern. Risk-taking is absolutely crucial because it yields the innovation that sustains your competitive edge, in a world where competitors constantly catch up to and overtake stagnant firms.

The THIRD motivation of the entrepreneur is to have freedom. Being your own boss has definite appeal. Glass ceilings cease to exist and achievement is limited only by imagination. Entrepreneurs are motivated by having control over their work and the flexibility to pursue their dreams. But freedom always has a price. With greater personal freedom, comes greater uncertainty about the future, particularly in relation to finances. Greater personal freedom also means a less structured environment, in which greater self-discipline is required in order to thrive. Entrepreneurs are willing to accept these risks, however, because of their absolute conviction that they have what it takes to overcome any odds.

As you delve deeply into the world of business, you will soon discover that opportunities don't find you. You find your opportunities.

We in government do encourage people to seek business opportunities. Why is that?
Why is there a need for more entrepreneurs in this country ?

The Philippines needs to lower the number of unemployed. Entrepreneurship capital means total human capital which creates business and do business. The Philippines needs business capital to boost its economy, create job opportunities, increase country income, reduce government burden, decrease currency outflow, and enhance image of the country.

Why is the US more prosperous than the Philippines? Is it because we Filipinos are less smart than Americans? No, Filipinos are universally acknowledged for their intelligence. Is it because they have greater resources? No, the Philippines is as much if not more rich in natural resources. Then, why is the US more prosperous than the Philippines? The US is more prosperous simply because they have more entrepreneurs.

If the Philippines needs to exterminate poverty, we have to grow economically. To grow, we have to employ the unemployed. The only viable solution is to produce more entrepreneurs in this country.

Call it trite - but, believe me, success CAN BE ACHIEVED by entrepreneurs through hard work, integrity, responsiveness to change and most of all the openness to accept new ideas. That is why we have this seminar so you may know what you need to know to survive the world of business.

Choose to be an entrepreneur so YOU create value. Choose to be an entrepreneur because the products, services, and jobs you create can become the lifeblood of our nation. But most of all, choose to be an entrepreneur because you desire a life of adventure, challenge, and the opportunity to be your BEST SELF.

Thank you and welcome to the Negosyo Seminar.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Philippine Economic Briefing, March 2010

A Year-end Philippine Economic Briefing was recently held at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel. The activity was meant to apprise the local people of the current situation in the country and what government has been doing.

The economic team who visited Cebu for the briefing included Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Director Zebo Abenoja, Department of Agriculture Assistant Secretary Preceles Anzano, Department of Finance Secretary Gil Beltran and Department of Energy Undersecretary Mary Rose Crisostomo.

Neda Central Visayas was represented by Regional Director Marlene Rodriguez while Regional Director Asteria Caberte represented Department of Trade and Industry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Malabago Beach Resort in Asturias

Aaaah, this one I like very much! Malabago beach resort is a quiet, peaceful, clean place; perfect for meditation and relaxation.

The resort also has this healing clay massage. There is also springwater flowing at the side of the beach.

Malabago resort is a what you would call a "mom and pop" small resort. Entrance fee is Php 10.00. Prices of cottages / rooms are reasonable (starting at Php Php 500.00 for basic cottages to Php 3,000 for a whole house complete with living room, bedrooms and kitchen).

To get, there take a habal-habal from the terminal at barangay Sta Lucia in Asturias. A V-hire
with the Ayala-Tuburan route will take you to Sta. Lucia.

Molobolo Springwater in Tuburan

This may appeal to some people so I'm posting photos of the Molobolo springwater and sea in Tuburan in the northwestern part of Cebu.

The place is naturally beautiful. The cool springwater flows out to the warm open sea. Moreover, there is no entrance fee and swimming in its waters cost only Php 5.00.

However, the large crowd and the loud karaoke music in the background turns me off. And there are only open cottages. No closed cottages for privacy.

To get there, I rode a van for hire at Ayala terminal for Php 130. Then took a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) at Tuburan proper (fare is Php 30.00). The trip took me around 2 hours from Cebu City.

Monday, February 08, 2010

GL Highland Resort

I finally took a dip at the springwater pool of GL Highland Resort.

Although I was there at noon on a bright, sunny day, the water remained cold.
I enjoyed the swim though. I was assured that it was chemical free since it is moving water.

Not many people know about the pool (I was the only one there at that time). No wonder, it is well hidden by trees and shrubs. And it takes more than two hundred steps to get there.
Getting back up the side of the mountain is another hurdle. This is one activity that is definitely not for people who have arthritis or heart problem.

It takes less than an hour to get to GL Highland Resort in Gaas, Balamban from Cebu City. Resort entrance fee is Php 20.00. Pool use is Php 50.00.
If you don’t have a car, take a van-for-hire GT Express at the Ayala Terminal. Ayala-Balamban Fare is Php 100.00.

There is something fiendishly pleasurable about being among the few to know about this pool. I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face until now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Transcentral Highway

It is a long winding highway that stretches across the mountains of Cebu City and Balamban. It is a significant engineering feat meant to provide the farmers an easy access to the market in the lowlands. It has also accelerated development in the mountain barangays of Cebu City and Balamban.

Although locals are constantly complaining of landslides and collapsed sections (due to the type of soil in the highlands), the transcentral highway remains a remarkable engineering work. The scenery is breathtaking all the way. One of the best places to hike.

Traffic is light at the highway day or night, barely any vehicles pass at dusk because of the descending fog that makes it difficult to see ahead.

I thank the visionary and the implementer of the project because it has provided me and the rest of Cebuanos a convenient and easy way to momentarily escape the travails in the city.

Monday, January 25, 2010

JVR Island in the Sky Resort

Barangay Gaas in Balamban is known as the "little Baguio" of Cebu. Its cool mountain temperature is similar to that of Baguio. The JVR "Island in the Sky Resort is located along the Transcentral Highway that traverses from Cebu City to Balamban where I usually take my weekend hike.

At the JVR resort, the fog is very visible even during noontime. Actually that was the first time I've seen a fog coming towards me. And there was an added attraction called the zip line. The management also plans to install a cable car sometime this year so guests can just ride the car towards the pool below the mountain.

The slopes and terrain of the Transcentral Highway is good for cardiovascular exercise, according to my doctor, aside from its relatively cleaner air (there are few vehicles passing the area) as compared to the downtown area.

With its lush greenery, cool breeze, and scenic sights, hiking at the transcentral highway, is my favorite exercise, it beats the gym treadmill and stepper everytime.

In going there, I take the GT Express, a van of hire (Php 100 fare), at the Ayala Center terminal.


The kids enjoy themselves in this one hectare conservation center aptly named Crocolandia.

True to its name, the park has around 24 crocodiles and alligators. However, almost 50 percent of their animals are birds. Others are snakes, deer and ostrich.
The Crocolandia Foundation, as I recently learned, is a first of its kind in Central Visayas. Aside from a walk-around learning experience, the park offers a playgroudn for kids and a picnic area.

Crocolandia is located in Biasong, Talisay, Cebu.
Entrance fee is Php 80 for adults and Php 40 for kids.

I went by KMK bus (Php20 fare) to Tabunok Gaisano and then took a motorized tricycle (Php50) to Biasong.